My Practice

I view people as experts of their own lives and change as an expansive process that requires the constant strengthening of resources as well as a curious mind.  My practice aims to build on existing strengths and to engage in reflective processes that deepen understandings of self and relationship to others.   I journey alongside my clients to access their intentions for their lives and to create outcomes that are authentic and sustainable.

I work in the following areas:


I coach individuals, teams and groups.   I work at the interface between psychology and the workplace to assist clients to clarify their purpose and direction.  I enter coaching conversations to support clients to discover and reflect on the personal narratives that inform their thoughts and actions.  These reflections lead to an appreciation for the changes they wish to make and we then work out how to create fresh possibilities and new realties.  


I assist people to find creative solutions to challenges by exploring the stories that shape their lives.  As social beings, we live our lives according to the stories that we tell ourselves and the stories that others tell about us.  When we experience difficulties, we typically become preoccupied with a narrow story about these problems. I explore with my clients the variety of stories that inform their lives. This broader perspective sheds light on the problem story and reinforces personal intentions and values.  

Conflict Mediation:

I work with individuals and groups to resolve their differences and to build meaningful personal and professional relationships.  The narrative perspective views conflict as arising from inter-personal relationships shaped by history, culture and power.  The work explores how conflict has impacted peoples lives and how it can be effectively engaged.  This leads to deeper understandings of ourselves and the people we differ from, as well as the development of a foundation for resolving future problems. 

Diversity and Inclusion:

I facilitate strategic conversations around diversity that focus on creating awareness of self in relation to difference.  I work from the premise that all forms of discrimination have social, economic and political grounds.  Once we understand how these wider systems shape our experiences of people who are different to ourselves, we can begin to build and restore human relations based on dignity and respect.   

Group facilitation:

I believe that work wellbeing is linked to the meaning that people attach to working life, their work relationships and wider society.  I use story-telling to focus on the connections between people and the kinds of organisations they create and inhabit.  Stories are culturally rich and understandable across different experiences.  They sustain organisational life and reveal obstacles and possibilities for growth.  The telling, listening and reflecting on personal-work stories is an effective vehicle for team building, leadership development and change interventions.

Supervision and The Practice Diaries:

I run a structured process of reflection on practice and vocation called The Practice Diaries.  I also offer individual supervision for coaches, psychologists and organisational psychology interns registered with the Health professions Council of South Africa.  Where there is interest, I integrate journaling with the supervision.


I freelance as a researcher, materials developer and report writer.  I write both fiction and non-fiction.  My published biography of Steve Biko is part of a series of educational books titled People’s Leaders of the Twentieth Century.  It has been translated into Zulu and Xhosa, is used as a supplementary school textbook and has been adapted for adult literacy programmes.  My poetry was published in Writing the Self: An anthology of new writing from Women’s Writing Workshops.

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