The Practice Diaries


“A closely observed event, written about, reflected upon, discussed critically and re-explored through further writing stands … for the whole of the professionals practice.”

– Gillie Bolton

The Practice Diaries is a personal development process that is informed by narrative ideas.  It is an individual or group collaboration whereby people reflect on their work and how it is unfolding. Reflective writing, creativity and personal narratives are used to make sense of life and work.  This in turn strengthens values, skills and direction.

The process has relevance for individuals, teams, or people who work in similar fields, to deepen purpose, knowledge and identity.  There is also a Practice Diaries Supervision Group that is specifically designed for psychologists; counsellors; coaches and social workers.

“I try to live what I consider a poetic existence.  That means I take responsibility for the air that I breathe and the space I take up.  I try to be immediate, to be totally present for all my work. ”

– Maya Angelou


The Practice Diaries offers a process of journaling and reflection for individuals who wish to deepen their understanding of self and work.  It also has relevance for people who wish to embark on a new career trajectory or are experiencing a significant life transition. This could be due to parenthood; menopause; retirement; illness; loss or any life change.  It is a structured process that runs over six sessions.


This group supervision process uses journaling to deepen professional reflection and to expand working life.  The size of each group is kept small (approximately four people).  It is a structured process that runs over eight sessions.


Journaling and reflection is a valuable means to deepen our connection with ourselves and others.  It has relevance for leadership development and team-building.  Each process is designed to meet the specific needs of the participants.  The overall intention is to strengthen authentic leadership, work relationships and organisational values. The process can take the form of a workshop or regular meetings.


Journaling, creativity and conversation are used to connect with working life in an atmosphere of sharing, deep listening and experiential learning in a small group context.

“I was challenged to think and was deeply stimulated by the conversation, leaving with a feeling of having been enriched.” Organisational Psychologist and Corporate Coach

“The Practice Diaries has really helped me to cross a threshold into a more substantial sense of what my self and what my practice offers to the world.”  Social Worker recently self-employed

“The Practice Diaries sessions were very inspirational, thought-provoking and practical”  Organisational Psychologist with own consulting practice 

“The workshop was very professionally handled, thought-provoking, inspiring and transformational.” Human Resource Manager 

“I felt very held. This was a beautiful experience of gentle guidance and insight.  I really enjoyed the mixture of reading, writing, talking and listening.” Coach and Change Facilitator

“The Practice Diaries became something of a sanctuary for me.  A place to slow down and catch my breath, reflect, write and learn.” Educational Psychologist working in NGO

“… to think about and discuss my practice from a perspective that I do not usually have the opportunity to consider. I like how we focus on the detail and then zoom out to the bigger picture.” Clinical Psychologist


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